Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cultivation Red Onion to Technique Vertikultur, Why Not?

Cultivation Red Onion to Technique Vertikultur, Why Not?
Now farming can be done anywhere. Even though in land narrow, farming activities can you do. It is because, now there are a lot of a practical method to farming or gardening easily. One method farming what you can do is a technique vertikultur.

One of innovation in the field of agricultural sector is cultivate red onion with the system vertikultur. By developing system vertikultur prove that at yard narrow home too can grow crops with costs not expensive.

An ingredient is a milestone made hard pipe as high as 2 m that is hollowed out to 120 hole with the diameter of the hole is 10 cm. The price of a hard pipe for 4 m who cut into 2 part about Rp 35.000. The price of relatively cheap because milestone hard pipe can be used continuous. Milestone hard pipe who have been given the opening next filled media planting of a mixture of ashes stone, charcoal coconut shell and manure.

In the middle milestone filled paralon small size 0.5 cm connecting to the size of a plastic an intravenous feeder. This hose serves to flow water nutricious . Irrigation must be conducted regularly and equal to the plant. It is therefore, land conditions must also pivots and not hard.

Milestone hard pipe it can be planted some variety of plants as red onion, tomatoes, chili, and mustard greens. If planted red onion, one milestone paralon can produce 4 kg of red onion. The price of red onions now fluctuant in figures Rp 25.000 – Rp 35.000 / kilogram. It means, income each milestone reach Rp 140.000.

Red onion grown in the system vertikultur this is indeed not amounting to when grown in the ground, but tuber resulting harder. Even, although when dry, it weight not diminished.

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